KIP 8000\XEROX 721 Developer unit "refresh program" information.

Update! We are now refreshing ALL KIP developer units.

 2000-3000-5000-6000-7000 and continue to lead the industry in 8000 refreshing.

Gain more life from your KIP 8000/Xerox 721 developer units!

Reduce your cost of operation!

Reduce your service costs!

Have a spare unit ready to go in reducing downtime!

No need to rebuild a unit in a customers office!

Saves you money!!!

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A New England company has developed a process that can greatly extend the life of the KIP 8000 developer unit. Digital Printer Service, founded by Steven Verrilli, a former 16 year veteran regional service manager for KIP America has spent months testing and refining this process of "developer refreshing". Donít be confused by KIPís developer unit rebuild kit, which lists for $2600 or a new developer unit at $3750! This new process costs less than one third of that.

After extensive testing and beta site running, the additional life gained from this process has been anywhere from 750,000 square feet to over 1,000,000 plus square feet. Much depends on how the machine is used and itís environment. This process can be performed multiple times on the same developer unit greatly reducing your cost of operation. I have one customer with over 10 million sq ft on a unit that has never had any rollers replaced!

So how does this process work?

The process starts with a complete disassembly of the developer unit. At this time the overall condition of the unit is assessed. If a unit is deemed unrefreshable the unit will be returned to the customer with no cost being incurred other than shipping.

Most often however, the unit is refreshable and the process kicks into high gear. First, the developer roller and the toner supply roller are fully reconditioned to a like new state utilizing our unique three step refreshing process. Then key seals are inspected and replaced as required. Next the regulation roller scraper blade is inspected and replaced as needed. All units get new spacing rollers installed. The unit is reassembled and all bearings and gears are lubricated.

During the reassembly we perform several modifications to the developer unit that greatly extend itís service life and output quality. Most average units will get about $250 to $300 worth of new parts alone. All rollers get lightly dusted with toner to ensure nothing sticks together during shipment back to the customer. The unit is carefully repacked in the original packaging and sent back to the customer. The entire process takes about 4 hours start to finish.

All the technician needs to do is remove the pressure release screws and install the unit in the machine. A "99" restart must be done as with any type of developer service. Simply swapping units saves time and money for you in the field. The whole process of swapping a unit takes less than 30 minutes for most techs, as opposed to 3 hours plus for a rebuild.

Plus all of our developer customers receive free phone support for any issues or question they may have, developer related or not! We have the experience. You benefit from it!

So what does it cost? The complete process is $849 unless major parts are required. The unit is returned to you using your Fed Ex or UPS number. Turn around time is quick. Usually less than two weeks.

Need more info? Please contact Digital Printer Service at:




860-395-7942 Steven Verrilli


Digital Printer Service

18 Longmeadow Drive

Pomfret Center CT 06259

Please visit our website for instructions on shipping your unit to us.

(Very important-all toner must be removed prior to shipping)


 How to determine if you have a new style developer unit.



 Click here for pdf instructions to send us your unit


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